Patios in Aldershot, Farnham and Guildford, Surrey.

If you have decided to install a new patio then you have definitely come to the right place. GJL paving & Landscaping have over 20 years of experience in laying all types of patios to transform your garden space. The location of your patio is very important, most patios are adjacent to the house but you might also want to locate it where there is most sun.

You then need to decide on the size of the patio area,so consider things like the size of your garden furniture and barbecue area etc.

You can then decide on the shape of your patio, you can have it square, rectangular, circular or even a free flowing design. Insure your choice of paving is going to look right in the summer and winter months and will sit well against your property,we can supply you with samples to help you make the right choice of paving. Once you have made all your decisions let GJL Paving & Landscaping do the hard work of creating your vision.


Firstly, we arrange for materials to be stacked nearby on a dry base and allow enough room for mixing concrete and mortar near the site.

We mark out the paving area, clear all vegetation and remove the topsoil, consolidating and levelling the ground to a suitable depth to allow for bedding materials and the paving itself. We ensure that the top surface of the paving is at least 2 brick courses (150mm) below the level of the damp proof course.

We also allow a 1:80 fall as a drainage slope, away from any buildings or fences.

We mark off the area to be paved with pegs and a string line to ensure an even depth.

At GJL Services, everything we do is built to last. As with our driveways, our patios are also built to exacting standards to give you peace of mind.

Our work is done to the highest standards to ensure that our installations do not sink or shift the moment you start using them.

They will enhance and add value to your property from the moment it is finished and will continue to do so for many years.


All paving is laid on a firm and level base to ensure long-term stability. We lay approximately 100mm of Dtp type 1 Sub-base material and compact well to a minimum depth of 75mm.

If we are installing lighting, it is at this point we lay out the cable and fittings for each light before installing the paving over the top. We lay the cable loose so there is no tension once laid.


We then lay the paving using the full bed method. We use a mortar mix of one part cement to 6 parts building sand.

We lay a mortar bed approximately 25mm deep in small areas at a time so that the slabs can be laid without premature curing of the mortar.

We use a joint width of between 10-15mm on most paving except where the slabs are designed to be butt jointed and brushed with jointing sand.

We select paving from different packs as we lay the paving to ensure an even colour mix if the area allows.

Once all the paving has been laid, we leave the mortar to set and recommend you do not use the area for at least 24 hours.


To finish off, joints should be pointed using an almost dry mortar mix of one part cement to four parts sand. This needs to be done on a dry day.


Clear site of all rubbish and leave clean & tidy